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Bereas wants to protect and represent Registrars from all over the world who sell Belgian domain names such as .be, .vlaanderen, .brussels and .gent. It does that by actively participating in the public debate regarding domain names.

To become a member, the only criteria is that you are an active .be Registrar. Your membership with Bereas will remain in effect as long as your Registrar contract with the .be Registry (DNS Belgium) is active. We require all of our members to pay an annual membership fee.

The annual membership cost varies depending on the size of your portfolio:

  • If you are part of the top 20 .be Registrars on 01/01/2016, the membership fee is 250,00 EUR / year
  • If you are outside the top 20 .be Registrars on 01/01/2016, the membership fee is 100,00 EUR / year

A membership includes:

  • The inclusion of your logo as a member on this website
  • The ability to voice your concerns to us and the community, so we can follow-up on them internally and formally in the councils or meetings we are (going to be) part of
  • Access to our member forum with updates about our endeavours (under development)
  • Access to future member events that might be organized by Bereas

Please fill in the form below to become a member. One of our representatives will then contact you shortly with an invoice you can use to pay your membership fee. We might perform some basic checks on your Registrar status, so please allow a couple of days for us to contact you.

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